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Fitting Appointment (at least 45 min)

This appointment is to fit your hearing aid and to teach you how to use it.

You can expect the audiologist to:

  • Insert the earmould into your ear, and trim the tube to the correct length.
  • Check that the earmould is comfortable and can be inserted/removed easily. If it is too tight or uncomfortable in places, the audiologist can modify it using various tools.
  • Perform a ‘real ear measurement’ to check that the aid is working correctly. The audiologist will put a narrow tube down your ear canal, which can tickle, but should not hurt. She or he will then play some sounds through a loudspeaker, and measure the sound in your ear both without and with your new hearing aid in place. This makes sure that the hearing aid is amplifying sounds correctly for your hearing loss and your ear.
  • Ask you how things sound, and make any necessary adjustments to the aid.
  • Teach you how to do the following:
    o Change the battery
    o Operate the controls
    o Insert and remove the aid
    o Use loop systems where available. Your audiologist will explain this to you, but more information is available [Link to RNID factsheet on loop systems]
    o Take care of your hearing aid
  • Give you advice on using your hearing aid and getting used to it, including written information.
  • Book your next appointment for 8-12 weeks.

Follow up at 8-12 weeks

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