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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Does my local hospital provide digital hearing aids?
2) Why is it taking so long to reach my area?

3) My local NHS hearing aid service has not yet been modernised. Is there anything I can do?

4) What is happening in Scotland, Wales, N. Ireland?

5) My hospital doesn't provide digital hearing aids can I travel to another hospital or pay towards the cost of the hearing aid?

6) My local NHS hearing aid service has been modernised but I already have a hearing aid – when will I be able to get digital hearing aids?

7) I have had my hearing aid/s for years – what should I do?

8) I am a War Pensioner. Can I go to the front of the queue?

9) What sort of digital hearing aids are available on the NHS?

10) Can I get in-the-ear digital hearing aids on the NHS?

11) What is the new service like?