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Welcome to the Modernising Hearing Aid Services (MHAS) website.

The MHAS programme is funded by the Department of Health and aims to modernise hearing services within the NHS across England. MHAS is about improving patient services, as well as making the latest hearing aid technology available on the NHS.

The programme started in September 2000 with the First Wave of 20 NHS sites starting to fit digital hearing aids in 2000/2001.

All sites which joined the Second and Third Waves of the programme are now modernised.

The remaining audiology services in England have joined us for the 2004/2005 financial year. These are now in the process of modernisation, and should ‘go live’ by spring 2005. Visit the locations page to see which hospitals are part of MHAS.

Before new sites can begin to offer digital hearing aids to patients, the infrastructure and equipment of audiology departments needs to be modernised, and staff need to be trained. All this takes time and funding, which is why the Modernised Service cannot be offered in all areas immediately.

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