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What is a Hearing Therapist?

A Hearing Therapist generally works with adults whose hearing has become worse suddenly or over time.

It is common to feel frustrated and isolated when your hearing deteriorates. A hearing therapist can help you to find ways to manage your hearing loss, and so reduce these problems.

Using counselling skills, patience and empathy a Hearing Therapist can offer advice, give information, discuss communication tactics and liase with other professionals in order to provide a comprehensive rehabilitation service within audiology.

Click on this link for some helpful Tips from the Hearing Therapist.

Not every hospital has a Hearing Therapist attached. If you would like to find out where your nearest Hearing Therapist is, try contacting your local audiology department. Alternatively, you can contact the Information Secretary for the BSHT (British Society of Hearing Therapists) on 0117 9595151 (voice/text) 0117 9595152.