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Wednesday 22 October 2003

Last chance to apply for the 4th and final wave of MHAS

MHAS is about to enter its 4th and final year, after which all NHS Audiology services are expected to be providing a modernised service. They have the opportunity to receive funding for some additional staff, modern Audiological equipment and be able to fit the latest digital hearing aids to NHS patients.

This is now the final chance for NHS services to apply to be modernised under the MHAS Programme. In addition to a substantial funding allocation, services will benefit from the support of the RNID’s specially commissioned, multi-disciplinary support team and a comprehensive training programme provided by the University of Manchester and the Institute of Hearing Research in Nottingham.

The deadline for services to apply for the 4th wave of MHAS is Friday 31st October. If you would like to discuss this further, please contact the MHAS team directly on: 020 7296 8022.

Link to poster: Why modernise now?